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HPU1Stud4U: what yp
HPU1Stud4U: p
SETHLUDE: hey there
HPU1Stud4U: up
HPU1Stud4U: what you doin
SETHLUDE: not much chillin in penn
HPU1Stud4U: your in penn
HPU1Stud4U: whoa
HPU1Stud4U: what r u up there for
SETHLUDE: and i went snowboarding
SETHLUDE: just a vacation i guess
HPU1Stud4U: oh yah,, thats cool
HPU1Stud4U: when u get back
SETHLUDE: sat night
HPU1Stud4U: cool cool
HPU1Stud4U: so whats up with you and bonnie marie
SETHLUDE: oh nothin
HPU1Stud4U: forril
HPU1Stud4U: i though you were gonna hook back up
SETHLUDE: what made you think that
SETHLUDE: im not a dumb ass
HPU1Stud4U: that would make you smart
SETHLUDE: oh c'mon
SETHLUDE: i dont want to be played
HPU1Stud4U: no one is playin oyou
SETHLUDE: bonnie = tryen to have fun wich = casual sex with ... ?
HPU1Stud4U: she has only done you and randy
SETHLUDE: dont believe it
HPU1Stud4U: i do
HPU1Stud4U: your stupid for passin a chic like her up
SETHLUDE: how can you say that!
HPU1Stud4U: like this
HPU1Stud4U: u are stupid for passin a chich likeher up
SETHLUDE: hillarious
HPU1Stud4U: itry
HPU1Stud4U: anyway
SETHLUDE: i deserve better
SETHLUDE: i dont believe in her ways
SETHLUDE: sorry thats how i was raised
SETHLUDE: and i think matt needs to do the same
HPU1Stud4U: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SETHLUDE: i guess you dont know everything
HPU1Stud4U: i do
SETHLUDE: then your the stupid one not me
HPU1Stud4U: how you can you say u dont believe in her ways
HPU1Stud4U: so she has slept with more ppl than you
HPU1Stud4U: everything else is the same
HPU1Stud4U: like 1 more person
HPU1Stud4U: dude, im just sayin, ithink you are tryin to play hard ass and makin a decision youll end up regretting
SETHLUDE: trust me i wont regret it
HPU1Stud4U: alright
HPU1Stud4U: just sain
HPU1Stud4U: sayin